Monday, October 23, 2006


I am just too tickled. Today, on my way into the Courthouse where I work, I was called out by an older gentleman from a race different than my own. HE COMPLIMENTED ME ON MY SISTERLOCKS! All I could do was giggle and barely get out a "thank you" after being stunned about it. He stated that he really loved my "lovely hair do" and thought it is so pretty. Hmmmmm. Sisterlocks. I love them!

I had a retigtening yesterday. I am 5 weeks and 1 day. My co-worker is determined to get SLd now. This is a contagious hairstyle, you think?

Monday, October 16, 2006

I KNOW I am TOOOOO wack (wack to the back as my 20 y/o would say) for taking so long to update this Blog. But, stay with me. are coming soon.

Guess what? I did get SISTERLOCKED! My babies are 4 weeks and 1 day old. I LOVE MY HAIR. It was kind of traumatic due to the fact that my "processed" hair was entirely matted and tangled after having worn Kinky Twists for close to 4 months before getting locked. When I washed my hair...maaaaannnn, it was terrible. One big matted rope right across my head. My Loctician SYMONE HULEY had to cut and untangle that mess. I lot of my hair was RIPPPED right out of my head in trying to untangle it. I cried.

BUT, the end result is what I am most pleased about. My SLs are coming along and I get many compliments.