Tuesday, May 20, 2008

20M SL

*EXHALING...* I want you to know that I am a very relieved SLd Sister. I believe my SLs look quite cute underneath THIS particular cap! Bless God with me...this was a challenging journey. BUT, it is behind me now! That is proof of a Master of Science Degree you see me holding. *SMILING* I DID IT! I am OVERJOYED that I am done with this phase of my academic pursuit. Next stop? Doctorate in Psychology...with a detour of a SL course to become a trainee. I am praying about that... Okay, now that I got that out of the way, I want to share my SL progress. The pictures below are of my attempt to do an "up do" this morning. LOL. I had fun trying. I am really starting to enjoy my hair because I have been experimenting a little. I still need to be patient because I miss the length of my hair, but I can still be clever with SLs in progress, right? Any suggestions or tips you have for me are welcomed. Anyway...be blessed! I am going to enjoy a movie for once---and not have to write a paper about it! *Still Smiling* Take care!

Curled all over below...

(Click pictures for a closer view)