Wednesday, April 29, 2009

31M SL

….and I am STILL embracing my hair peace. At this stage in my SL journey, I am learning how to accept imperfections of an unruly lock as well as continue to nourish each and every one of them. This hair lifestyle takes one to have patience and care for the process. I am getting there!

Guess what? Remember when I fell in love with the Man who stole my heart and then I said yes to his proposal? We had this COUPLES’ WEDDING SHOWER. It was sooooo much fun!

Then we got married. Guess who was one of the FLOWER GIRLS?

Well, she is really more like and ANGEL. She is so precious!
My Sisterlocks Wedding Hair. LOL. And this is EVEN after it got RAINED on. (It rained the entire wedding day and few days after during our "honeymoon")

Kissing cake off of my Husband's lips. THAT was sweet!

Pray with us for continued love, harmony, peace, laughter and growth!
Oh, and my Sisterlocks Wedding Hair (LOL), the curls lasted the ENTIRE day long!

Be blessed! Blog you soon.

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