Sunday, January 20, 2008

16M 3D SL

Just wanted to let you know that I still blog sometimes. I regularly visit many of the other SL blogs--even if I don't post. I absolutely love looking at all the SL blogs and admiring the progress of those with SLs. I have been enlightened on many different levels. I have learned a few things since I have had my own SLs installed.

1. The SL shampoo was not my friend.
2. I can NOT go past 6 weeks without getting a tightening.
3. My gray hair is ridiculously defiant, but my SLs camouflages that most times.
4. J.Q. (my 8 month old "play" granddaughter) loves to play in my hair. LOVE HER.
5. My skater friends have finally accepted my "radical" hair change.
6. I get WAY MORE compliments on my SLs from other cultures than my own. Sup with that?
7. It's true. I don't have to put grease or oil on my SLs since my scalp generates its own.
8. I love that at this point, all I do is wash and roll my hair AND THAT IS ABSOLUTELY IT.
9. Dr. JoAnne Cornwell is brilliant. What a gift she has given us.
10. My young SLs have inspired dozens of referrals with two confirmed converts to SLs.
You know what else? I have a ready script for folks when they ask the following:

Q. If you wanted to take those out, can you...or do you have to cut all your hair off?
A. My hair is LOCKED permanently. I never want to take them out.

Q. How long did it take to get all those tiny little braids in your hair?
A. My SISTERLOCKS took about as long as it takes to get braids installed.

Q. How much did you PAY to get all that put in yo head?
A. Not nearly enough.

Q. Do you take them down everytime you get them done?
A. *Sigh* No (in the irrated voice).

Q. How do you wash those?
A. *Blank Stare* With shampoo and water while in the shower.

Oh, there is more. I have a special slap for the Jamaican woman who decided to tug on my SLs because she did not believe it was my hair with nothing added in. She is very lucky we were in church. Heifah.

I know I am being a bit sarcastic. Pray for me, OK? Mmmkay.

A few pictures. Enjoy. Remember...I am a FT student & employee...might be a while before I come up for air again. But when I do? I want to get some moving pictures like Blaqkofi & Chosen Vessel. I got to catch up with those two professionals!

Peace & Blessings!

For comparison's sake. The one at the very top and two at the very bottom I just took. The other two are some months back...don't know when. The B&W was 2 days ago with some tight curls.