Tuesday, December 16, 2008

27M SL

Just about to retire to bed...but not before coming through to blog at my SL family. You know what? The last time I blogged, it was on top of things I had been thinking about and needed to let go of. Little did I know at that time the incredible blessings God had in store for me. I want you to know, when I decided on the things posted back in July, I was dead serious. I opened my heart to a few things. Some things I have fallen short on and I have much work to do before getting it right. What I do want to share with you though is that while this is a little off topic, I have fallen in love. LOVE. LOVE! I have a Love Jones. I was not planning it. I was not looking for it. I was not chasing it. I was literally minding my own business. Remember? I decided I was going to love others harder. What an extreme pleasure it is to give it to someone who gives it right back---even harder than I do. A Gentle Man has walked into my life and single handedly changed it. Okay, I will admit this. Maybe I resisted a little at the very beginning of this love affair. I was afraid. Scared of what has happened in my past that affects me today. I STOPPED RESISTING WITH THE QUICKNESS when his heart was revealed to me. I don't know a more tender heart or a sweeter Man. So, I am sharing this with you to say this. I have learned how to give and accept love that is genuine, pure and unconditional. THAT is a BLESSING. So is the Man who has made his way into my heart.

BTW, my SLs are growing. Can someone tell me what to do with all the lint that wants to stick to my hair?! Milwaukee weather demands a head covering. Suggestions?
I sincerely hope you are enjoying this Holiday season. I am. There are so many things to be grateful for! One more thing...it's love. It's real. It's on. AND...I said YES.

I am in Love...and it is AWESOME. Peace & Blessings! Blog you soon!