Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hmmmm. Blogging my hair peace. Who would have ever imagined? Well, I was born nappy...might as well go out the same. I have done the perms...the press and curl... and Jheri curl.

I have done the corn rows...

Rocked the microbraids...the box braids...Goddess braids...waves, sets and body wraps...

I have even done the waterfalls and upsweeps... Still. No peace.

I just want to lock down and LET IT BE. My first lock session is coming fast. I went for a consultation and now sit here with two test locks amongst a head full of kinky twists. My chosen Sisterlock consultant happens to be a trainee who has been braiding hair for many many years. Same here. I don't recall when I have ever NOT braided someone's hair. I will never forget being a 4 year old and my older cousin Frank in Canton, MS demanding that I "plait" his full grown afro. So, I did. He was very patient with me. I love him for that. Family, friends and strangers alike, I have braided for free and profit, for sheer love and for concern and care of someone in need of some hair assistance.


Anonymous said...

Hello Ama Alisa,

Welcome to the locking world!!! I look forward to seeing pictures of your first week Sisterlocked, "you go gurlllll!" I am also looking forward to following your journey.

Grace and Peace

efflorescent said...

I couldn't find your sisterlock pics, but I just wanted to say congratulations on your decision to wear your hair natural.