Monday, July 16, 2007


It has been a LONG time since I have posted. The busy one I am. I have been TAGGED by the lovely Aundrea. Sooooo, I will share. As if I really know what to do??? I will follow the lead of the other Tags I have seen.

1. I absolutely love to SKATE. No, more like I am obsessed with it. I skate at least 2 times a week. I would go every single day if I had that kind of time on my hands. My SL Consultant laughs at me if I am threatened with not being able to go skating. That is not good. So, on Wednesday, Friday and quite possibly Sunday night---don't call me...catch me on the skate floor. I am so serious.

2. Children bring me complete joy. I am wrapped around those little fingers in about 2 seconds flat. From age 0-10 years---doesn't matter. They can talk me into anything. ANYTHING. Chocolate cake for breakfast. Popsicles for dinner. Movie, Skate Session, Park, Disney Store, Swimming Pool, Toy Store, Candy Store...all in one day mind you. If you don't want your child ruined by an over attentive and nurturing force---keep them to yourself and away from Ama Alisa. Just ask my family and friends. Otherwise, I will give them candy, cookies, chips & gum while in church. I will let them rummage through my purse looking for the same. I will let them sing to me, recite the alphabet during prayer & laugh out loud with me...and spankings are NOT aloud. If your window is broken by my kid (all kids are mine) during one of our baseball throwing attempts, do not blame the kid. AND, I don't want to hear about it either. LOL.

3. I am a people watcher. I like to see how other folks interact with each other. It is fascinating. I watch people love on each other---and unfortunately hate on each other. I like when people communicate without ever talking.

4. I am a full time graduate student and government employee. I am taking courses in professional counseling with the goal of becoming a Psychotherapist one day. Once I start the PH.D. level courses---you will know because I will be MIA another 5 or 6 months at a time. LOL!

5. I love fresh cut flowers and buy them every chance that I get. I bring them to the office weekly just to brighten up the place. My favorite flowers are Tulips and Calla Lillies. They are so pretty...and "soft". You know---feminine. Know what I mean?

6. I have a very intense crush on Lawrence Fishburne, Samuel Jackson (do not laugh at his movie hair in front of me please. You Samuel Jackson fans know what I mean), and Tavis Smiley. Yes, Tavis Smiley.

7. Lastly, I can not brush my teeth without a mouthful of baking soda. I think I am addicted. Please help me? I don't know why it is so...but it is the truth. If that is TMI, I hardly care. Just try it for yourself one time.

LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO TAG. LOL. I will post updated pictures soon.


Chosen Vessel said...

Well hello my friend!!!! Good to see you back in the blogging game (smile). It was great learning about you.

God bless and I hope all is well!

Aundrea said...

Hey there! It was great reading your post and learning more about you!! I, too, have a thing for Tavis Smiley. There is something so enchanting about an educated brotha! Can't wait to see new pics of your hair progress!! Take care!!

locksrsexy said...

I love your blog. I have been a sister in locks since June 1, 2007 and absolutely adore them. I hope that mine are as beautiful as yours when the reach a year in age. I also love to get my skate on so kudos to you.