Saturday, July 10, 2010

46M SL

Hi! It's been a while huh? Life has been super busy and fast moving. Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I am still enjoying my hair peace! I have so much respect for those of you who decide to go chemical free. It's not an easy thing to do.

Guess what? I am now a Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant. I must tell you that I LOVE sharing this Lock experience with others. I want to say a very special thank you to ASKIA. You were the one who convinced me that SLs was the answer to my hair issues back in 2006. After many years of perms, braided extensions, cornrows, kinky twists, buns, ponytails and what not, I was able to gain quite a bit of knowledge about Sisterlocks from Abena, Blaqkofi and Creyole. I will NEVER forget their encouragement and willingness to share information with me once I reached out to them. They blogged their own experience which made me start this very blog.

Through my own Sisterlocks journey I have encouraged/referred nearly 40 people to get them and they have followed through. 3 family members are now rocking SLs that I installed personally. Quite a few personal friends...and let me say this. THANK YOU SHEILA & JEWELL! Because of your loyalty and patience with me, you two are the very reason I am certified to install Sisterlocks as a professional! I could NOT have done this without you. You trusted me with your hair and knew I would never do anything other than provide you with the highest quality kind of service. No tricks, games or lies. Just an opportunity to give you Locks from a well trained and informed person. You will never know how much your support means to me. That is why I love you guys so much. Plus, you had my back no matter what I was dealing with and we know that the enemy presented some foul things to try and prevent my blessings. God is real. I thank God for praying friends like you two who sincerely believe in the power of God.

And can I tell you that I have the very best clients in the world? They respect my honesty and passion for this hair lifestyle. They will personally tell you that I am a perfectionist. I love providing SLs. Come get your hair done too! LOL! A quick comparison shot for my clients. My SLs at 3 months and 46M. See? I told you. I went through the same thing you are going through. It gets better every day. Just stay encouraged and trust me. Listen to your Consultant! LOL! Follow all instructions. I would never tell you anything that I have not tried myself. It's so true! I am Happiest Nappy! Blog you later! Be blessed.


V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Your locks are gorgeous! They are so nice and full!

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

What a wonderful post. Your locks look fabulous and I am so happy that my lock pilgrimage has been an inspiration to you :) Continue to "Let your LIGHT shine and your LOCKS flow!"

Lina40 said...

gorgeous hair -- i am VERY interested in SL installation as well as mentorship in becoming a consultant in the near future (within next 6-9 months). Please email me at I am in the Midwest and Milwaukee is closest to me :) Blessings!