Wednesday, July 15, 2009

34M SL

Just sliding through with a quick request. Wondering if you would be so kind as to respond to a few statements? Real easy. Copy, paste and email your answers to I am interested in gaining a little insight to things I wonder about. Thank you ahead of time if you do this. Be blessed! (BTW, I have some great news to share soon. Getting things in order first. Stay tuned)

The following simple survey is not meant to be scientific and was created by me. This poll on natural hair care is to accumulate a consensus and the outcome may have elements of truth to it. Please answer the following statement with a True or False response.
My hair is unmanageable.
1)I like my hair in its natural state.
2)I am satisfied with the state of my hair.
3)I hate my hair in its current state.
4)I love my hair just the way it is.
5)I prefer my hair straight.
6)I wish I never straightened my hair.
7)I prefer to cover my hair up.
8)Someone put chemicals in my hair when I was a child.
9)I maintain my own hair care.
10)I prefer someone else care for my hair.
11)My hair is nappy.
12)My hair is Kinky.
13)The cornrow style is a professional hairstyle.
14)I have worn braids with my natural hair in the past.
15)I have worn cornrows with my natural hair in the past.
16)I have worn hairstyles with “added” hair in the past.
17)Natural hairstyles can have a professional appearance.
18)I am familiar with the different forms of “Locks”.
19)Locks are “dreads”.
20)“Locks” are natural.
21)I am interested in “Locks”.
22)I would pay more than $300.00 to get a natural hairstyle.
23)I would pay more than $300.00 to get a straight-looking hairstyle.
24)We need more information on natural hair care maintenance.
25)We need factual information on “Locks”.
26)I know how to take care of my natural hair.
27)We need more natural hair care specialists.
28)I have had my hair “done” by a natural hair care specialist in the past.
29)I would go to a specialist for natural hair care if the opportunity were available.

Nappy - Covered with nap; Kinky.
Kinky - Full of kinks; Closely twisted; Closely or tightly curled.
Natural - Not treated, tanned, refined, tinted or colored, etc.; In its original or raw state.
Cornrow - To arrange or style hair by dividing into sections and braiding close to the scalp in rows.
Lock or Loc - Tress, curl, or ringlet of hair bunched or tied together in some way.
Professional - Appropriate appearance as it pertains to a profession.
Dread - Greatly feared; Frightful; Terrible.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you are still accepting responses but I emailed you my responses.

Happiest Nappy said...

Thank you to everyone who has responded to this "poll". Quite a few of you emailed me some very interesting responses and I will post some of them in the near future.